Thank you so much for taking interest in my little shop! I am a girl that has always loved the beautiful things around me. I have taken art classes from a very young age as I grew up with a mother who is a professional artist. My life has always been blanketed in creativity. I excelled and enjoyed my art classes as a child so much that I went Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama to study art and design.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Graphic Design and had never been so sad to leave school. Being surrounded with artists who inspired and challenged me on a daily basis shaped who I am today and I knew that I would miss it like crazy. Upon graduating I threw myself into my budding graphic design career-- as another creative outlet, I took to my computer to voice my extreme love (some may even call it an obsession) for home design, which is where, a home interiors blog, was born.

After a few big life changes, I have taken more time to focus on my family and friends and less on blogging. The shift in focus has been just what I needed! 

This little paint shop is where I pour out extra creativity. All of the art in my little abode is my own-- I have painted flowers, petals and leaves for years and have painted and sketched these organic, undulating forms in every way possible (or so it seems...) After hearing inquiries about the art in my abode I decided to start painting for others instead of just for myself. Starting this shop has been a rewarding and unbelievably fun challenge. My work is bright, organic, and spirited. I don't take my art too seriously, I just know how fun it is to deck the walls of my abode with lots of love, and lots of art-- which is why I bring you this collection of works.